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The burning and stiffness in my swollen knee improved by day 3 and I felt relief within half an hour of taking the powders
— PJ 0001
The pain and stiffness in my hips improved and I could sleep on my left shoulder again by day 3
— UL 0004
My knee felt less sensitive by day 3; it felt more like a bruise than a catching pain; and I was walking better by day 10
— JH 0003
The heaviness and stiffness in my knees improved and my legs felt lighter. The pain in my hands and wrists improved within 12 hours
— SME 0002
I noticed that my energy levels really increased and it was as if my ‘brain fog’ had cleared. My ability to focus and absorb details was the best it’s been in a long time! Even my IBS settled
— JB 0010


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