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Inflammation is important in the fight against infection, in wound healing and other responses to injury. However, when the fight becomes ongoing, the process can become harmful to surrounding tissues and the natural barriers of protection may eventually be worn down. So it is important that the body has in-built mechanisms to switch off inflammation in order to prevent long-term damage and disease.


Senescent cells accumulate with age

As we age, cells that have stopped dividing, known as ‘senescent’ cells, accumulate in areas; particularly in fatty tissue and surrounding abdominal organs. It was assumed that these cells would be completely inactive; however, studies showed that these cells were in fact, still producing many inflammatory signals;  which with time, causes damage to surrounding organs and tissues.

Inflammation promotes insulin resistance in fatty tissue

Inflammatory signals have been shown to switch off insulin receptor function, which leads to insulin resistance and ultimately, Diabetes.

the gut as a source of inflammation

Another important source of inflammation comes from the gut. Infections and antibiotics often destroy the healthy protective bacteria in the gut. Refined flour and sugar give the remaining bacteria fuel to make more inflammatory-causing by-products. All this leads to damage to the lining of the intestines allowing the harmful products through into the blood stream, causing widespread inflammation. 

Current anti-inflammatories have side effects

  • Stomach ulcers

  • Bleeding risks

  • Fluid retention; hypertension and heart attacks 

Dr Ipp wanted to develop a product that could be taken long-term without side-effects and could switch off persistent inflammation in the exact way the human body was already doing it.

Clinical trials in humans

  • The active ingredient is produced naturally by the body and has been tested in human clinical trials in patients with various lung diseases.

  • However, the routes of delivery utilized thus far have included:

    • Intravenous

    • Nasal spray

    • Aerosol inhaler (asthma-type pump)

Absorption from the tongue and palate

  • high permeability and rich blood supply

  • rapid onset of action 

  • breakdown in the liver and elimination via the intestines is avoided