Should I take avatide™ before or after a meal? 

Avatide™ is not affected by food; so it can be taken at any time.

If I don’t like the taste can I mix it with water or juice?

No, avatide™ is specially formulated in its dry powder form for absorption from the tongue. It only needs a few seconds in the mouth before swallowing; then try honey, peanut butter or a banana straight afterwards to remove the taste.

How soon after taking avatide™ could I feel some effects?

If, for example, you’ve had joint aches and pains for a long time; it could take 10 days to feel the effects; but some people have reported feeling a response after only 2 days.

Some people have noticed that 20-minutes after taking one dose; they feel ‘clear-headed’ and able to concentrate for 4-6 hours! 

How long will I need to stay on avatide™? 

If you’ve had aches and pains for a long time; you will need twice daily dosing for at least 5 days and then once a day for 10 days. After that, depending on your responses, you could go on to alternate days and then top-up as needed. There are no harmful side-effects like other anti-inflammatories; so you can take avatide™ for as long as you need it.

What is the active ingredient in avatide™?

It is a vasoactive peptide that is normally produced by the human body to help with the digestion of food. It is also produced by nerves around the body to help switch off inflammation and regulate sleep-awake patterns. 

Avatide™ has been formulated specifically for absorption from the lining of the mouth, so that the active peptide can get straight into the bloodstream and effectively ‘bypass’ all digestion.  No more stomach ulcers from anti-inflammatories!

Could I become dependent on avatide™? 

No, there is no addictive substance in the product. Many people have been on avatide™ for more than 6 months and were able to decrease their dose to alternate days or every third day without any problems.

Does avatide™ help with back and neck pain?

Yes, some of the best responses have been in people with lower back or neck pain.